Start Smart

Single or DINKs (double income no kids)

  • What’s the next big dream that you are saving for?
  • How would you survive the next three months without any income?
  • Do you know where all your Super is?


Adam and Erin are a young, professional couple in their 20’s. The couple are busy building their careers and saving hard to buy their first home. Adam and Erin wanted to get their finances sorted and put a roadmap in place before children come along.


Adam and Erin were unsure where to start. They had received a modest inheritance and wanted to make some good decisions about what to do with it.

  • Savings capacity was good - DINKs and what do we do with the surplus?
  • Making the most of their career steps and expected pay rises
  • Planning to start a family
  • Saving for / buying a house
  • Helping others less fortunate
  • Protecting their lifestyle.


What we did with Adam and Erin was to:

  • Help them arrange finance to buy their first home – this was a part of the plan to help others less fortunate
  • Develop a plan to eliminate debt as fast as possible
  • Put in place insurances to protect them and lock in their lifestyle
  • Introduce cash flow and savings behaviour which is supported through the use of online tools
  • Engage them with their superannuation – creating wealth long term - a little now means a lot later!


  • Adam and Erin are stoked – they have just bought their first home!
  • Peace of mind knowing they have a plan in place to manage their debt – even when their income is reduced to one salary when kids come along
  • Financial future is secured, supported by putting in place the right risk protection and estate planning.