Untangling Myths… About Financial Advice

Three BIG misconceptions about financial advice…

  • You need to be wealthy to need and pay for advice.
    We will always generate much greater value for our clients than the fees that we charge. We demonstrate this not only in dollar terms, but also in reducing the risks taken and in covering risks which were previously uncovered. Whilst we deal with families that are by anyone’s standards wealthy, most of our clients are pretty ordinary families with dreams and a need for advice to be able to achieve them.
  • I am too embarrassed to unpack my financial mistakes.
    There are many times when I have thought, I would love to have three financial decisions back to “remake”. Imagine the dollar result! We know that you may have initial stress - in fact we are told that going to a financial adviser is more stressful than going to the dentist!

    So…We guarantee that we will do everything to take the stress out of this for you. If we haven’t made the financial mistakes ourselves we have almost certainly seen them! Almost every new client that we see says, “ I wish that I had done this 5/10/20 years earlier - I feel so relieved knowing that we can do…..”
  • Advisers are all about commissions and financial products.
    Absolutely not! We work on an agreed fee basis and receive no commissions. We have operated this way for many years.