Ageing (Dis) Gracefully

In need of some living assistance

  • Aged care is about big decisions, often made very quickly and with a massive impact! Selling the family home and selecting supported living… do you have the knowledge and expertise to make these decisions?


Carol is in her early 60s and single after a lengthy marriage. She had been a homemaker and was heading into new territory taking on sole responsibility for her finances. Through the advice process, Carol’s health deteriorated to the point where she needed a significant level of care.


Carol had received a financial settlement which she needed to make the most of to:

  • make great decisions for her living arrangements,
  • fund her retirement,
  • decide whether to sell her home, and
  • make sure that her family was on the same page with her estate planning.

We discussed these issues over several years with Carol and worked with her to create a great solution.


The key solutions for Carol were to fund her retirement and plan for living arrangements that would accommodate her deteriorating health.

  • We managed to create a sufficiently large income stream and cash reserve for Carol to be living comfortably
  • We also created the financial freedom to travel before her health deteriorated
  • We worked closely with an aged care placement specialist, to find and fund the ideal living arrangements for Carol
  • We worked closely with an Estate Planning specialist to establish and communicate Carol’s wishes
  • These arrangements have been shared appropriately with her family and have included setting up powers of attorney whom we now work closely with.


  • Carol loves her new living arrangements - she has company and is able to pursue her passions in a safe and caring environment
  • Carol’s finances are on a very sound footing – she will have more than enough to last her in what could have been a very difficult set of circumstances.