Rev up the Nest Egg

Empty Nesters (or trying to be!)

  • Have you thought about what life without full time work might look like?
  • How much is that life going to cost you?
  • Have you worked out how you are going to fund that income? Are you confident that you are on track?
  • Who is helping you make smart decisions about helping your kids and parents financially?


Graeme and Ruth are in their mid-60’s and have two adult children; one son, one daughter plus three delightful grandchildren who they love spending time with. They have worked hard all of their lives to bring up their family and provide for their own retirement.


Graeme and Ruth were very unsure about how much they needed to retire on or when they in fact could! What we needed to achieve with them was:

  • Funding their retirement – how much do we need and when can we retire?
  • Consolidating and downsizing to create a sea change
  • Wanting to fund travel and other hobbies – travel and Mustang cars
  • Some assistance to their kids.


What we did with Graeme and Ruth was to:

  • Firstly tell them that with some tweaks they could retire comfortably any time they liked!
  • Arranged their finances to reduce tax and increase Centrelink benefits
  • Generate a tax free retirement income and eliminated a significant Capital Gains Tax payment
  • Journey with them through the sea change and significantly reduce the stamp duty cost - they’re loving it!
  • Sorted out some gifting to their kids.


  • Graeme is catching the vision of retirement and has begun to reduce his hours to the point where he will do this on his terms!
  • Consolidate their properties and built a dream retirement beach house
  • Got in place the income streams that will exceed the retirement needs
  • Sorted out their estate planning and powers of attorney.