Family Time

…with Kids & Mortgage

  • How would you survive the next three months without any income?
  • Who would care for your kids if you weren’t around?
  • How would your life change if we were able to help you get rid of your mortgage or other debt?


Stephen and Jacki are in their late 30’s and have three young children. They live in suburban Melbourne where Jacki is the homemaker and Stephen works very long hours as a senior manager in financial services.


  • Stephen and Jacki were very keen to provide a private school education for their three children
  • As a senior manager, Stephen receives a high income and was keen to ensure that he could protect the lifestyle they had created for themselves
  • Managing debt and cashflow was important as the couple have had plans to renovate and landscape their home
  • Busy, busy and busier! While the kids are young, they were keen to ensure that they could spend quality time with each other and their kids.


Fundamentally important for Stephen and Jacki was getting their cash flow sorted.

  • We created a mechanism to build wealth to fund Stephen and Jacki’s kids private school education without the future burden of trying to ‘find the money’ each year
  • We locked in their lifestyle by building in funding mechanisms to ensure life goes on if either parent is sick, injured or deceased
  • With education funding sorted and debt managed, we have started a program of building wealth for the time when Stephen and Jacki no longer want to work.


  • Stephen and Jacki are financially sorted. They know what they want to achieve financially and how they are going to get there
  • Not only have they booked a couple of overseas family holidays, they have renovated their home and are looking forward to landscaping their property including installing a swimming pool – more time together as a family!