Living Well

Full time work a memory

  • Are you making the most of your potential income sources?
  • Is your money going to run out before you do?
  • Who is helping you make smart decisions about helping your kids and parents financially?
  • Have you thought carefully about your financial legacy?


James and Lorna are in their late 60’s and have a fabulous family of 3 kids with partners and grandchildren. They have lived a life of service as a minister and a teacher. They were very keen to be able to live in retirement without scrimping! They’re not as you will see!


A couple of years out from retirement we worked with them to develop a retirement plan and since retirement have enjoyed their passion for travel without compromising their living standards at home.

  • Will my money last?
  • How much can I spend?
  • Enjoying life!
  • Helping my kids (one of our grandsons is disabled)
  • Inheritance – best use of this
  • Estate Planning


We worked with James and Lorna:

  • to build a solid financial plan in retirement, ..which enables them to enjoy their travel
  • We significantly reduced the investment risk that they were taking to enable them to be much more certain about living in retirement
  • We were able to reduce the amount of tax that they were paying
  • We sorted out their estate planning so that when travelling everything was in place
  • Helped grandson with some medical expenses


  • Now in retirement doing lengthy yearly overseas trips
  • We are really confident that our money will last without us scrimping!
  • Assisting our family is great - knowing that we can afford it!
  • Know that our affairs are structured to provide the right income, tax effectively